Perspective vs Perception

WOW!! It has been 3 years!!! Some days it feels like much longer, but others it seems like just yesterday! The following may be a little difficult to follow, but here we go… That day I was diagnosed was a blessing!! God was telling me to slow down and he knew this was about the […]

What a Year!

February 5. This is a day that will always stay with me, like a birthday or anniversary. 11:09 am. This is a time I don’t think will ever fade completely out of my memory. It has been 1 year since receiving the phone call. The one where at first I thought the nurse was just […]

Day 297 (10/25/2016)

Well. We got home a little after 11pm last night. I was able to sleep a little on the way home, thank goodness both my sisters went to keep each other awake. I have not had any pain. Just a little soreness at my incisions and the muscles around the foobs (fake boobs). I think […]

Day 296 (10/24/2016)

I decided it is about time for another update,  actually way overdue.  I am back at work full time in Grant. We sure have been busy! I definitely miss being home with the boys, but it is nice to be back at work. I have made several trips to Denver over the past couple months. […]

Day 228 (08/17/2016)

Sorry for the lack of updates over the past month. I have been feeling really well. I had my drains in for 2 weeks, and oh how excited I was when they finally came out! They were quite uncomfortable, and being under my arms, they made any sort of simple movements uncomfortable. The weekend that […]

Day 188 (07/08/2016)

I am pleased to report that my surgery on Wednesday went well and I am still feeling great! I was up and walking right after I was taken to my room from recovery. The night was uneventful, thank the Lord for that. I was seen by both Dr Baker and Dr Kercher yesterday morning and […]